Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Bundle

Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Beauty
Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Beauty
Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Beauty

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  • Easy 2 step tea detox program
  • Reduces bloat and boosts energy*
  • Designed for real results in 28 days*
  • All natural cleansing formula


Expertly formulated, both teas are synergistically combined for maximum effects. Take one Morning Boost every morning and one Night Cleanse every alternate night. 

Step 1: 
The Morning Boost is designed to give you a boost throughout the day and start the morning right. It contains Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Guarana with a naturally sweet fruity taste. It can replace your daily morning coffee/black tea. 

Step 2: 
The Night Cleanse is designed to naturally purify the body which could lead to reduced bloating. It contains all natural ingredients to promote the restoration process. It is the perfect bedtime ritual, take one every alternate night. 

This tea should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. Seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision. Do not consume this tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhea occur desist use and consult your doctor. 


Can I take both teatox and gummies at the same time? How?

Yes, definitely! Both teatox and gummies are complementary supplements that can be taken together.

Morning Boost & Power Up: Both may be taken during/after breakfast. Both are also best taken before morning workout!
Hunger Buster: To be taken in the afternoon or before an afternoon/night workout.
Night Cleanse: Strictly 30 mins before sleep



Morning Boost (28 teabags)
Green Tea - energizing, fat burning, immunity boosting.
Yerba Mate - stimulating, curbs appetite, boosts metabolism.
Nettle Leaves - antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation.
Dandelion - antioxidant, nutrifying, digestive
Guarana Fruit - cleansing, endurance, weight loss.

Night Cleanse (14 teabags)
Ginger Root - anti-bloating, digestive aid, aphrodisiac.
Orange Leaves - rids constipation, sleep aid, smooth skin 
Lemongrass - relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial.
Senna Leaves - natural laxative, anti-bloating, weight loss.
Peppermint - anti-bloating, digestive & colic relief.
Licorice Root - antacid, soothes menstrual cramps.
Hawthorn Berries - circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive.
Psyllium Husk - natural laxative, promotes colon health.


Results vary for every individual

Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Beauty
Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Beauty
Skinny Mint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Beauty