Mango Tango & Lemon Flush by Juzfit (not valid for customers)

NOT VALID FOR CUSTOMERS. Orders will be void for any customers order. WhatsApp us at +65 8751 5893 if you wish to join us as a dropshipper/reseller.

PayNow: Liz Carmen at 9386 8294


Retail Price:

1 Mango Tango for $30

1 Lemon Flush for $25


4 Mango Tango for $110 + free bag + shaker

4 Lemon Flush for $95 + free bag + free shaker

2 Mango Tango + 1 Lemon for $82 + free shaker

2 Lemon Flush + 4 Mango Tango for $160 + free bottle + shaker


A meal replacement is guaranteed to satisfy and suppress your appetite

Benefits of Mango Tango:

Be a substitute beverage to give you a full meal
Fatty foods are rich in fiber, minerals and glucose
Give it energy every day
Travel friendly
Easy to mix and drink
Suitable for all ages
Increase metabolism
 Aids with constipation
Lose weight 3 times faster
Curb appetite

Benefit of LemonFlush:

Flatten tummy
Remove toxin in the body
Increase metabolism
Assist to lower cholesterol level
Release digestive system



Men & Women

Not for preggy mommies

Nursing mommies for 6 months and above