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Retail Price:

1 Dark Choco for $30

Dark Choco for $115 + free bag + shaker

6 Dark Choco for $170 + free shaker + water bottle


3 Dark Choco + 2 Mango Tango for $145 + free bag + shaker

Dark Choco + 4 Mango Tango for $165 + free bottle + shaker 


Juzfit Dark Choco is a chocolate meal replacement. Specially for those who loves Chocolate! Do you know that Dark Choco is a Meal Replacement (food substitute) - contains Belgian Dark Chocolate ingredients for a balanced diet to help you reach your desired weight.


A substitute beverage to satisfy your taste
Provides daily energy
Suitable for 14 - 50 years old
Improves metabolism
Helps with constipation
Increases metabolism
Lose weight 3 times faster
Controls appetite
Juzfit Dark Choco is easy to consume, travel friendly and convenient for everyone! Keep few sachets in your bag and have em before your breakfast.

Just 1 sachet per day and mix with 250ml of hot or cold water. Stir well and enjoy Dark Choco benefits to its maximum.


Belgian Dark Chocolate
Garcinia Cambogia
Oat Fiber
Vitamin B
All ready and packed in a sachet and mix with a glass of cold water — and enjoy your little “chocolate belgian flavored milkshake” while losing weight!