Eighteen Vitaskin Nutricosmetic Supplement (not valid for customers)

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A multi functional supplement that boosts body immunity, speeds up pimples healing process and prevent further breakout, lighten scar marks, provides UV protection, whitening, delay aging, maintain youthfulness, moisturise skin and boost collagen production A yummy and chewable berry minty flavour supplement you will definitely love!


✔Skin lightening
✔Lightens freckles and pigmentation
✔ Boosts skin moisture
✔ Evens out skin tone
✔ Boosts radiance
✔ Protects skin against UV rays
✔ Anti-acne
✔ Anti-aging: Boost collagen growth
✔ Lightens acne marks and scars
✔ Boost immunity
✔ Visible results in 4 weeks*



Take 2 softgels in the morning on empty stomach and 2 softgels at night before sleep. Remember to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins in e body.

Visible results can be seen in 4-6weeks*


To see visible results:

Usually for acne/pimple, 4-6*weeks

Skin tone lighter in a few shades 8-10* weeks

Brightening/Lightening of freckles & pigmentation 8-10* weeks


Results may varies according to individual