Natufoodies Milk Teething Rusks (not valid for customers)


NOT VALID FOR CUSTOMERS. Orders will be void for any customers order. WhatsApp us at 8751 5893 if you wish to join us as a dropshipper/resellers.

Retail Price:

1 for $5


**For 6 months onwards only


Why teething rusks for your baby?

  • Encourage biting
  • Chewing for gum
  • Jaw development
  • May help for swollen and tender gums
  • Development of baby's first teeth


Ingredients for Original:

Flour, milk powder, sugar, seaweed calcium.


Ingredients for Red Quinoa:

Flour, milk powder, sugar, seaweed calcium, red quinoa powder. 

Store in a cool and dry place

Adult supervision is advised during feeding times.


100% Natural

This product contains gluten, milk and dairy

No artificial Colouring

No artificial flavouring