Alya Skin Foaming Micellar Cleanser (not valid for customers)

NOT VALID FOR CUSTOMERS. Orders will be void for any customers order. WhatsApp us at 8751 5893 if you wish to join us as a dropshipper/resellers.

Retail Price:

1 for $21.90


  • Cleanses and Nourishes your skin!
  • Safe for sensitive skin types.
  • Removes makeup and dirt from the skin’s surface.
  • Contains Watermelon Seed Oil to deeply moisturise your skin


1. Cleanse

Deeply cleanse your skin and remove make up with our Watermelon Seed Oil & Rose infused Cleanser

2. Exfoliate

Deeply exfoliate your skin with Pomegranate facial scrubs.

3. Mask

Apply Alya Skin pink clay mask

4. Moisturise

Restore and replenish your skin with Australian native berries moisturiser