DFOU 2 in 1

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DFOU 2 IN 1 BOOSTER (15 sachets) :

(100% Botanical Ingredients)
Japan Formulated

Queen of Beauty Sachet

Stem Cells That Don't Require Injections

-Skin Whitening
-Skin Moisture
-Anti Oxidant
-Skin Brightening
-Body Detoxification
-Restore Skin Elasticity
-Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines
-Reduce Aging Spots, Freckles, Melanin

King of Fat Reduction Sachet

Excrete Fats Without Colic

-Block Oil & Sugar Consumption
-Delay Absorption of Glucose
-Relieve Constipation
-Aid In Digestion
-Reduce Cholesterol
-Regulate Blood Sugar
-Boost Immune System
-Body Shaping

Dfou Ingredient List
Mix Berries Essence (Pre Stemcell Dfou)
Ingredient List : Mixed Berries Powder (Blueberry, Elderberry, Blackberry), Mint Powder , Strawberry Powder , Apple Stem Cell , Grape Stem Cell

Passion Fruit Essence (Red Dfou)
Ingredient List : Passion Fruit Powder, Glucose Fructo-Oligosaccharides., Dandelion Powder

Queen Of Beauty - 1 sachet (Pink) To Be Consumed Daily In The Morning On An Empty Stomach
King Of Fat Reduction - 1 sachet (Red) To Be Consumed Daily Before Meals For Maximal Results


Made in Malaysia. Formulated in Japan