Nilofa Botanical Beverage (not valid for customers)

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1 Pouch at $25




- Slows down the digestive system

- Reduce the signs of aging

- Rich in vitamins A & C.

- Contains iron, calcium, magnesium, for radiant skin

- Anti oxidant

- Iron helps to smooth the blood and cardiovascular system

- Good for children's digestion

- Premium sunnah food

- Combined food supplements the first sunnah in Malaysia that is easy to carry

- Premium quality materials imported from abroad and with halal status

- No added flavors

- No added sugar

- No artificial coloring

- Attractive and trendy packaging

- Delicious taste. Not sour and not too sweet


Prune , Dates , Saffron


Suitable for all ages

1 Packet : 15 Sachets (15ml each)