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Retail Price:

1 Body Flush: $32

1 Body Lab Advanced Formula: $36



Body Lab (strawberry flavour)
• Helps to lose weight
• Helps to cut down appetite
• Helps to control food intake
• Helps to burn fat faster
• Helps to boost up metabolism
• Helps to reduce scars
• Helps to brighten skin
• Suitable for breastfeeding moms
• Suitable for diabetic patients

Directions :
Take 2 tablespoon everyday before breakfast .
And 1 tablespoon before bed
Maintain 6-8 glass water daily
Nursing friendly


Body Flush (Matcha flavour)
• Detox
• Helps to flatten tummy
• Helps to flush out toxins and greasy food
• Cleanse your body
• Body feels light
• Rich in fibre and Vit C

Directions :
Mix 1 sachet with 200ml of warm/hot water
1 sachet daily before breakfast/bedtime
Maintain 6-8 glass water daily
Safe for pregnant mommies
Nursing friendly